Games Offered

This section provides a list of the game systems, settings, and adventures offered.


All of our volunteer game mastes and facilitators undergo the most extensive training available in the role-playing game industry. Each GM trainee undergos a year-long training program toward each level of their training diploma. During their training, they begin helping with our community programs, under the guidance of higher-level supervisors and peer trainees. All of our volunteers undergo regular background checks. We train our game masters in a wide range of different game offerings to appeal to every age and play style. See the list below for the game offerings available at each level and the locations where they are available.


We train all of our volunteer staff on a range of role-playing game systems, settings, and adventures. Some are available at all of our locations an online, and others of our staff have experience with many other games that we only offer at the RPG Center.
For quality control purposes we provide extensive training to all our Game Master (GM) volunteer trainees, which take quite some time to complete at each level of training (typically 1+ years per level). This means that we have pecific offerings from different game system tier rankings.
The Level 1 Trained GM Game offerings are standardized trained games for quality control purposes and are generally available at all of our community physical locations as well as our online programs.
Higher level game offerings depend on availability of our higher level trained Game Masters. Additionally we are also constantly evaluating new games. Many of thse games that we are evaluating are only exclusively availabe at the RPG Center.

Level 1 GM Game Offerings

LEVEL 1 2nd Edition GM Game Offerings generally available at all of our locations and online programs.

  1. Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (BFRPG)
  • Bear Dungeon
  • Gold in the Hills
  • No Thank You Evil (NTYE) with LRPG additions
    • Your First Adventure!
    • Dragonsnot Falls
    • A Race Against Time
    • Its Raining Cats and Dinosaurs
  • Doctor Who Adventures in Time & Space (DWAITS)
    • Arrowdown
  • Top Secret: New World Order (TS:NWO)
    • White Queen
  • Adventures in Middle-earth
    • Eves of Mirkwood
  • Dungeons & Dragon 5th Edition
    • Saltmarsh
  • BECMI Basic D&D (RPG Center only)
    • Introductory Adventure


    • NeverWinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (RPG Center only)
    • Audio RPG: (RPG Center only)

    Solo Adventure Books & Modules and Group Hybrid SABM

    • Fighting Fantasy adventures

    Solo Interactive Fiction and Hybrid Group IF:

    • Chooseable Path Adventures
    • Choose Your Own Adventure

    PRIMARY (Level 1 3rd Edition Staff) Game Offerings in addition to the above (becoming available after May 2023 pending staff training)

    1. Basic Fantasy RPG (BFRPG)
    • GM's First Group Adventure (title pending)
    • GM's Second Group Adventure (title pending)
    • Search of Grimfall
    • A Temple of Slides and Ladders
    • Vault of Thaire
    • The One Ring RPG 2e
      • Adapted Eves of Mirkwood (all)
      • Shire Intro Adventures 1-5 (availability varies)
    • Lord of the Rings RPG
      • Adapted Eves of Mirkwood (all)
      • Shire Intro Adventures 1-5 (availability varies)
    • The Labyrinth RPG
      • Introductory adventure
    • The Dark Crystal RPG
      • Introductory adventure
    • Golden Sky Stories RPG
      • Introductory adventure

    Live-Action RPG (larp):

    • The Hirelings


    • Talisman: ....
    • CYOA: ....

    Additional Optional Level 1 GM Offerings (availability varies)

    • BFRPG: Castle by the Sea
    • BFRPG: Slavers Fortress

    Level 2 GM Game Offerings

    Currently, Level 2 and higher GM game offerings are only available at the RPG Center.

    1. Star Wars
    • Star Wars d6 Intro
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Kids on Bikes
  • Star Trek Adventures
  • BECMI Basic D&D (or BFRPG equivalent if available)
    • B11
  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
    • Dragonlance Prelude 1 "Broken Silence" (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance Prelude 2 "Eye in the Sky" (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance Prelude 3 "Scales of War" (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance "When Home Burns" (currently evaluating)
    • Candlekeep Mysteries (currently evaluating)
    • Wild Beyond the Witchlight (Currently evaluating)

    Solo SABM or Hybrid Group SABM:

    • Fabled Lands
    • BECMI Basic D&D (or BFRPG equivalent if available)

    • BSOLO


    • Dragon Age (RPG Center only)
    • That Dragon Cancer (RPG Center only)
    • Life Is Strange (RPG Center only)
    • VR: (RPG Center only)

    Live-Action RPG:

    Hybrid RPG:

    Level 3 GM Game Offerings (availability varies)

    1. D&D
    • Dragonlance Campaign continued?: Shadow of War (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance Campaign continued?: The Norhern Wastes (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance Campaign continued?: City of Lost Names (currently evaluating)
    • Dragonlance Campaign continud?: Siege of Kalaman (currenly evaluating)
  • Pathfinder 1x & 2x
  • Bubblegumshoe
  • FATE & FATE Accelerated (various settings: Dresden Files, Crescent City, and others)
  • Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
  • Diceless RPGs
  • Amber (Diceless) TRPG
  • Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless) TRPG
  • ... (Diceless)
  • Star Wars d20 Intro
  • Star Wars FFG Intro
  • ...
  • Higher Level GM and/or Evaluating Game Offerings Offerings

    Depends on staff availability, and only available at the RPG Center.

    1. One D&D and Dungeons & Dreagons (6th Edition)
    • Lost Mines of Phandelver
    • Dragon of Icespire Peak
    • Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
    • Strahd
    • Fae ....
  • Starfinder
  • Twilight 2000 1st, 2nd, or 4th edition
  • Avatar The Last Airbender
  • Critical Core RPG
  • The Expanse RPG
  • Dune RPG
  • A Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones) RPG
  • InspireIsles
  • Mouse Guard
  • Thieves World
  • Star Wars d6
  • Star Wars FFG
  • Rolemaster
  • Middle-earth Role-Playing (MERP)
    • GURPS
      • GURPS Lite
        • Discworld
      • GURPS (full)
        • Cops
        • Old West
  • Robotech RPG
  • Battletech RPG
  • Mechwarrior RPG
  • Cyberpunk RPG
  • HERO System RPG
  • Babylon 5 RPG (original, d20, d20 second edition, and Traveller)
  • Boot Hill
  • DragonAge TRPG
  • Numenera RPG
  • Battlestar Galactica RPG
  • Supernatural RPG
  • Firefly RPG
  • Serenity RPG
  • Vampire TRPG
  • Vampire LRPG/Larp
    • and many others!

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